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Dr. Geoffrey Bird
gb.jpg"CommunityEvents Calendar is a unique and very much needed service for the community at large".
Dr. Geoffrey Bird, National Executive Director, COTA Over 50s (Council on the Ageing)
Our Community Partners
salvos.jpg"The Salvation Army does feel that the project is worthwhile and I want to thank you for including us", Sue Hale, Major, Seniors Ministries Divisional Community Care Ministries & Seniors Program Secretary, ACT & South NSW Division
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Registering & Subscribing to the Calendar

FREE 6 Months Trial - Click for Schedule of Fees

Subscription Demo - Click HERE

These instructions are ONLY for those who wish to POST an event on the Seniors Calendar. If you only wish to find out what events are scheduled, simply click on the Seniors Events Calendar graphic.
You must subscribe, even when taking advantage of the 6 months FREE offer. This allows you establish your own safe area of events.
  1. Registration - First you register. This will make you "known" to the Events Calendar. To register, Click HERE. Once you begin the registration process, you will be guided at every step of the way automatically. You will not have to come back to this page. Click HERE for a Demo.

  2. Subscription - Once you register, the system will ask you to  choose a specific level of subscription. Currently:
    (A) You can choose a free 6 months subscription and start inserting your events now.
    (B) You can choose 1-year subscription and pay a fee as appropriate in order to be able to enter events and manage your account in the Calendar.

    (C) If you represent the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, or Red Cross, you will  insert your coupon number here. Contact us to receive the coupon number. The coupon entitles you to a full FREE subscription.  

    Please note that if you have not already registered (Step 1 above) you will not be able to subscribe.

  3. Login - Once  you have registered and subscribed, you will be able to create, insert and delete your own calendar items. Click HERE to insert and manage your events.

  4. Inserting events into the calendar - It is very simple; just fill the information slots.
    bullterredarrow.gifClick for PDF Demo
    bullterredarrow.gifClick for a video Demo 
    bullterredarrow.gifCheck our HELP documentation.
    The Seniors and Community calendars use the same in structure- Hence, at times, we use the same HELP documents for each.

  • Security - Your Events are protected by your password. This means nobody else can change them or delete them. This also means that ONLY you can change, edit or delete information in Events which you have inserted yourself. If you need assistance or have problems, Contact us.
  • Deleting Events - Events are deleted or un-published automatically. This happens when (a) the date of the event has already passed or (b) when your subscription runs out.
  • Publishing Events - You control when your information is published. When inserting or editing information, the system will give you the option to decide whether or not your event should be visible.
  • Terms & Conditions of Service - Click HERE
  • Help - Click here for Help with the Calendar

  • Additional: We are always remembering the eager asssitance which the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Red Cross offered us in a different community project.