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Dr. Geoffrey Bird
gb.jpg"CommunityEvents Calendar is a unique and very much needed service for the community at large".
Dr. Geoffrey Bird, National Executive Director, COTA Over 50s (Council on the Ageing)
Our Community Partners
salvos.jpg"The Salvation Army does feel that the project is worthwhile and I want to thank you for including us", Sue Hale, Major, Seniors Ministries Divisional Community Care Ministries & Seniors Program Secretary, ACT & South NSW Division
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About us

About us

What is Community Events Calendar?
Why Community Events Calendar?
  • Because we want everyone to have a quick and easy way to learn about important events created for them in their neighbourhood, be it a technology workshop, single mothers' meetings or an afternoon tea.
  • Because we want everyone to have a quick and simple way to tell others about their community events.
ania.jpgThis site is managed by Dr Ania Lian, Critical Pedagogy & Technology Consultants Pty Ltd., Company Director.

Ania teaches technology for educational purposes. She has also done community work in her area where she initiated and led projects in sustainability, water conservation and recycling. Ania also worked for COTA Over 50s (Council on the Ageing) where she conducted research to produce the national newsletter of the National Policy Office (2007-2009), and where she also worked as COTA Over 50s'™ technology consultant.

Her work on the database project of residential aged care centres and retirement villages and a technology website for seniors received a letter of support from the Chief Minister of the ACT, Jon Stanhope (2008).
PS:If you do wonder what Critical Pedagogy actually means, click here and enjoy.