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Dr. Geoffrey Bird
gb.jpg"CommunityEvents Calendar is a unique and very much needed service for the community at large".
Dr. Geoffrey Bird, National Executive Director, COTA Over 50s (Council on the Ageing)
Our Community Partners
salvos.jpg"The Salvation Army does feel that the project is worthwhile and I want to thank you for including us", Sue Hale, Major, Seniors Ministries Divisional Community Care Ministries & Seniors Program Secretary, ACT & South NSW Division
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Welcome to communityEVENTScalendar new04.gif

An Australia-wide portal for uploading & retrieving up-to-date information about community events anywhere in Australia

Click on the Calendar Icon to access the Calendar. FIND or INSERT information about your local or national community events - morning teas, meetings, workshops, classes, sporting events, conferences, Christmas parties, etc. - anywhere in Australia.

You can use the Calendar to PLAN your own events timetable better and avoid clashes. Help everyone reach out to the community and create a link to the Community Events Calendar on your own website. (Press release)

Now even the least resourced branches of organisations can reach out to the wider community - from local communities to capital cities

Searching for Events - Demonstration Slideshow
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